Monday, March 14, 2011

Matte-Suede Fest '11 - Day 3

Matte-Suede fest rolls on, day 3 brings us Revlon - Ruby Ribbon, no topcoat. This is my absolute favorite of the matte suede finish polishes. It's the perfect red with gorgeous shimmer....oh I could gush on about it for a while haha. This is a red I actually will wear on my fingers, normally I only rock red on my toes. In my book, Ruby Ribbon is perfect...see for yourself!




and something fun I noticed while swatching, Ruby Ribbon matches the color of my front hall!

cool, right? :)

If you think Ruby Ribbon is pretty now, while it's matte suede (and of course, you do) just wait until I show it to you with a top coat. So pretty. I bought a back-up of Ruby Ribbon already... I did it just a few days after I tried it, same as with Perplex. Revlon, you have been bringin' it lately with the colors and quality! Ruby Ribbon was super easy to work with, I used two coats - but just like Emerald City, you can get away with one coat. Day 4 of Matte-Suede fest is going to be the first of the top coated versions of these polishes, so check back for that!

Do you have any polishes that match wall colors in your home? I plan to use some polishes as guides for choosing paint colors in the future though for sure!


  1. have you tried them with real matte top coats over top?

  2. Pretty, I've never seen this one, maybe because I'm blind? lol

  3. This is really pretty! I agree with Elizabeth, you should try it with a matte top coat, it'd be even prettier!