Saturday, November 27, 2010

Let's Boogie, Bogie

Haha I really like this post title! China Glaze - Bogie is the color I was most excited about when the Vintage Vixen collection came out; I'm always drawn to purples. But then once the collection actually came out, my lemming sort of hit the back burner - I don't really know why though. Eventually I came to my senses and bought it thankfully, because I really really love it.




My fingers look big in these pictures, yeesh. But I'm totally into Bogie! I don't really have anything like this in my collection. It's a dark purple eggplant color with pretty pink and green subtle shimmer (which by the way I've noticed this shimmer in multiple other polishes, but that's for another post, I digress) My neighbor came by when I was wearing this and liked it on me so much she borrowed it! If that doesn't say it's a pretty polish, I don't know what will haha :) This was easy to work with too, 2 coats and you're good to go, which is always a bonus especially with dark colors.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving/weekend (depending which applies to you :) ) and don't forget about my giveaway!


  1. So petty, now I want to get that one as well!

  2. :) Pretty! I only own one polish from that collection and I love it.
    I should pick up this one too.

  3. That's a lovely eggplant! I only have Riveter Rouge and Midnight Mission.