Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm Watching You, Color.

Today I have OPI- The Color To Watch to show you. This is also from the Swiss Collection, just like Diva of Geneva which I showed you the other day. Now this is the color I was most excited about when the info for the collection first came out, mainly because I love me some purple. But it's just not doing a ton for me in person. I like it, but I don't love it; you know what I mean? Check out the pictures and see what you think.


It's a pretty purple with heavy blue flash. I love the base color of The Color To Watch, but the blue flash is just too heavy for me to love this polish. If it were toned down a little I think I would like it a lot better. Many people on MUA said this was really sheer, but my bottle was fine. This was three coats. I did try to see if it would layer, but it wasn't sheer enough in my opinion. I put one coat over two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- Concrete and it was exactly the bottle color.
Well, The Color To Watch...I'm a little bummed about you. Pretty, but didn't wow me. Not too crazy about the name of the polish either. I think I'm going to wait a few weeks and try this again to see if I feel differently about it.
What do you think of The Color To Watch? Have you had a polish you were excited about not wow you in person like this did for me?


  1. It's pretty, but it's one of those that looks awesome in the bottle but is a little less than *meh* when applied. My disappointment was ChG Blue Sparrow. I want it to be SOOO much more!

  2. I am Meh too. Not purple ENOUGH, i think

  3. p.s. I tagged you for the Sunshine Award!

  4. This was originally the only polish I picked up from that collection. I wasn't totally impressed by it either, although yours seems to look a little different than mine. I'm not sure if it's just the pics but yours seems to have more of a frost finish than mine had and mine was really sheer. It is pretty but not spectacular at all.

  5. I think it's nice 8)
    I don't really see that much blue though?
    Maybe I'm a bit color blind xD

  6. I think it's nice, but I don't have it and I'm not going to get it...even though I love purples. I don't think it's quite purple enough for me. :)

  7. New follower =] I personally LOVE this OPI. it was my only must have from Swiss and I love it. Try it over black! It's amazing! (I did a post with a swatch of that.)