Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Diamond Cosmetics Week!

Guess who's back, back again. That would be me, haha. I'm about to pick the giveaway winner, and after I contact them tonight - I'll post the winner in the next day or two (whenever they get back to me!) I already have the next... 5 giveaways planned for you guys! One is coming veryyyy soon, so keep watching here.

This week I'm having a theme week - featuring Diamond Cosmetics polishes, 6 different colors and some layering (for Wednesday, of course). This is one of my favorite brands and all of these colors are 1-2 coaters, so I wanted to share them with you. First up is Diamond Cosmetics - Free N Easy. I actually didn't love this color when I first swatched it but now I really really do. Check out the pictures below!


Outside, shade


The first picture is color accurate; the shade made my camera go a little nutso.  This is a very pink leaning purple.  When I ordered from the little swatch on the Diamond Cosmetics website, I thought was getting a light purple, but I still like the color it actually turned out to be. :) It's very simple, elegant, and pretty in my opinion.  Reminds me a lot of the base color of Essie- Demure Vixen - but wthout the same shimmer.  If you like Demure Vixen, I imagine you would probably like Free N Easy as well - I know I do!  This color is very appropiate for work and any other formal setting.  Everyone needs a couple of polishes like this in their stash.   What do you think of Diamond Cosmetics and Free N Easy?  Have you tried this brand before?  If not you're missing out!  Hopefully after this week I will have convinced you of that :)

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  1. good to see that you are back! look forward to your other giveaways :) what store sells diamond cosmetics? don't think we have it here in canada!