Monday, August 2, 2010

Red Light, Green Light...Blue Light?

Happy August everyone! It feels like summer has gone by really fast doesn't it? I'm sick of it being so ridiculously hot and humid all the time, so I'm not too terribly sad to see it go. Seasons don't effect my life in that I don't have summers off from anything. I work and take online classes pretty much year round so the only thing different for me is the temperature. Although this month is going to be kind of busy for me since I'm starting new classes online and I co-host a weekly fantasy football radio show (online) that premiered last week; so I have lots of stuff to do for that now. My sports addiction is why I have two seperate twitter accounts, my main one where I mostly ramble on about sports and my JeweledTips one where I can keep track of all my nail polish loving friends :) Speaking of the JeweledTips twitter account, I spent some time today trying to find everybody to follow but I know there are more of you lovelies out there I can be following- so if you want, leave me your twitter name in your comments so I can follow you! I set up the JeweledTips account on my blackberry now too so I will be using that much much more! Now that you've read my rambling, want to see some nail polish? :)

Today I have pictures of Color Club - Blue Light to show you. It's a pretty light blue. Actually this was one of my first ever Color Club polishes. I saw a swatch somewhere and had to hunt it down immediately. Sorry I was chasing the sun the day I swatched this (and Strawberry Fields, but that's for another post) the clouds got the best of me, so the "sun" pictures are a little weak today haha sorry about that.

sun, kind of.



I like this a lot. Pastel/pale blues really appeal to me; and I like how they look on. I was lemming the light blue, What's With The Cattitude, from the OPI Shrek Collection pretty hard but I think the light blues I have already are close enough to it. I have the new light blue and lavender polishes coming from Avon this week so I can do a light blue comparison when that arrives for you guys.

One last thing for today, I have a handful of really great new nail polish blogs that I have added over the last few days to My Blog List (on the left side of your screen). If you have a few minutes try to check them out, there are some really sweet bloggers behind them!


  1. I love this polish! IDK but I've been loving the pastel blues lately too. I do at least one a week. LOL

    Oh yay! I love checking out new blogs! :D

  2. this blue looks so nice on you!!!

  3. Very pretty! I like blues. A lot. :D And thank you for adding me to your blogroll!

  4. What a bizarre polish name!! lol. It looks gorgeous on you though!!

  5. This is a great blue, looks very fresh.

  6. ShortandSweetNails, I know me too! There must be something in the water, haha

    Smita, thank you :)

    Zara, you're so welcome! and I love me some blues too haha

    Brooke, Silly name, you're right! Thanks!

    KarenD, thank you - I'm really liking it! Actually the darkest of my pale blues