Sunday, August 22, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever

How on earth did it manage to be a week between blog posts?! This last week was a little insane. I helped move my brother into his new house, which was exhausting. But as a thank you gift he gave me an autographed hockey puck I'd been hunting down. One of our friends plays with this player in a summer league so he arranged everything and got it personalized for me, pretty sweet. I collect nail polish and autographed hockey pucks.. I'm a strange girl :) Luckily, no nails were broken in the process! Boo for Mother Nature lately though, any day I have free to swatch it ends up overcast...annoying. I need to make a light box or something soon I think.

Today I have a quintessential summer color for you, China Glaze - Strawberry Fields. I fell in love with this when Brooke, over at Babbling Brooke, posted swatches of it. And this is one of those colors that just screams summer time to me. I even have flowers in my backyard that match this color perfectly! Check it out!


Shade, and the matching flower :) I love this picture. Please excuse my slightly crooked middle finger.. it's compliments of a flag football league haha


Pretty in all lights I think. But I also think it's a color I love wayyy more on other people than I do on myself. I think we all have one of those, where it looks amazing on everyone and than you get it and it just doesn't look quite right on you. So this might be mine. I waffle on whether or not to swap this. Maybe I will like it better on my toes? Only one way to find out haha. Do you have a color that you liked more on other people than yourself?

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  1. there are ALOT of colors i like on other people... baby pink would be one of those colors! i bet it would look awesome on your toes

  2. That is my favorite China Glaze color. I have 3 bottles of it because I don't ever want to be without it..sad I know! :P I'd try it on your toes first. I'd have to say Orly Pixie Dust is a color that looks good on others but not on me. Blech, it made my hands look like death. I ended up swapping it out.

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