Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Marbled Nail Tutorial

I've got a great tutorial to share with you today from Alexandra. It's a short video showing step by step how to get marbled nails! It's not water-marbling, this gives you the same kind of effect but a lot faster and way less messy. Big time selling points for me haha.

Check out the video!

so to recap, here's the picture of the supplies you'll want to have:

and here's two different versions of the finished product...

After I watched the video Alexandra made for us, I feel like this is something I could definitely do. I can't wait til my midterms are over this week so I'll finally have some free time and can try this! I'm thinking maybe using purples... China Glaze - Grape Pop and Light As Air perhaps?

How about you, have you ever tried marbling like this or with water? Are you brave enough to now after watching Alexandra's tutorial?

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  1. this is exactly how i've always done marbling... my mom's best friend who is a cosmetology teacher showed me a while back..I think the effect is great! good luck =)