Thursday, January 6, 2011

The One In Which I Declare My Love For Perplex

The first polish I'm showing you in 2011 is currently my favorite polish, period. I've got Revlon - Perplex for you today! As I'm sure you have heard by now, Perplex is very similar to Chanel - Paradoxal. They aren't exact dupes but close for sure. (There are several blogs with comparisons if you want to see for yourself.) I have a few extra pictures in this post to show you the depth of Perplex, check it out!

two sun pictures
2 indoor pictures to show you how it can look different on the lighting.

Ahhh, so gorgeous. Perplex is a gray-ed out smokey purple with subtle (or secret) purple shimmer. It's complex and sophisticated and perfect! Depending how the light hits it, the shimmer can be seen more or the polish can appear more purple, I tried to capture that in the pictures above for you. I wore this for my birthday mani last month and am wearing it again for a concert next week, it seriously works for every occasion.
When I first found the Perplex display at CVS, I bought one bottle. I tried it that night and liked it so much that I went back to CVS two days later and bought two back-up bottles. Big time love haha. Do you have Perplex or its sister polish Paradoxal? What do you think about the gray-purple trend of late?


  1. I was given BarryM's Dusky Mauve which is supposed to be another relative of Perplex and Paradoxal. It has all the qualities of polishes I love- murky but with a touch of shimmer but for some reason it's only 'Meh!' for me.

  2. I have Perplex but have yet to use it. I don't know why because it's gorgeous!! I haven't seen this at any of our CVS stores, but I did find it at Ulta.