Monday, January 10, 2011

Yasmeen and a bonus!

I think Zoya - Yasmeen was my first ever Zoya lemming. (Thanks to Scrangie of course!) After you see these pictures, you'll totally understand why. For one reason or another, it took me a long time to get my hands on this, but a few weeks ago I finally ordered it from the Zoya site...when they had that buy one get one free promo. I was getting Nikki for a gift for someone and got Yasmeen as my free polish, yay. So of course I had to put it on as soon as it got here. Yasmeen definitely lived up to my lemming, check it out:
sun (look at the sun! and grass! it's been snowing a lot here lately and more coming tomorrow afternoon)
Dark purple with lighter shimmer? I'm so there. It has a lit from within feel to it. And by that I mean it's darker at the edges and lighter in the middle. Yasmeen has a similar feel to China Glaze - Let's Groove, one of my all-time favorite polishes, which I showed you in the very first post here :) But that's not why I felt like I had seen the color of Yasmeen somewhere before...
It turns out that a ring I bought from an Etsy seller last year is an exact match for Yasmeen! Clearly I like the color, eh? Haha. Here it is on:
I'd normally wear it on my right hand, but for swatch pictures I use my left. Exact match! It felt pretty chic to have a matching ring while I had this on as a mani. Do you have any jewelry that matches a polish? What do you think about being matching like that? I think it's neat when it's something small like this (although I'd never tried something bigger, so I can't say for sure...)
I have three new Zoyas coming in the next few days from the latest promo :) So you'll be seeing those swatched soon! Did you order any during the sale last week?


  1. Both the ring and Yasmeen look absolutely smashing on you! :D
    Yasmeen was actually my first Zoya polish, given to me by a dear friend. I've tried to photograph it many times, but I've given up because I just can't capture the shimmer well enough to do it justice!

  2. Zoya Has so many good purples in this color.Yum. That ring!

  3. This was my first Zoya lemmings as well! I also have Scrangie to blame!

  4. I love this one - it's one of my Zoya favorites! I love to have little matchy things like that, though I don't know that I have any. Gorgeous!

  5. Yasmeen was the first Zoya polish I ever owned! It is a fabulous color on you! Ring is a great match for the color too.

    Of course you know I love to match my nail polish to my jewelry - LOL!

  6. Pretty! I just received my Zoya order today actually: Crystal, Irene and Edyta. Can't wait to try them, especially Crystal!

  7. Love the color coordination! I skipped the Zoya promo this time; I have sooo many already.