Friday, July 30, 2010

Obsessed with this color.

I have a serious love affair with China Glaze - Cowgirl Up. Right now in my mind there aren't a lot of things prettier in the world than this nail polish. I know it's completely not summer-y in the traditional sense, but ever since I got it 2 months ago all I've been thinking about doing is wearing it for a full mani, haha. These are swatches from a few days after I got it and earlier today I finally gave in and put it on so it would stop haunting me! It's going to rain for a few days here anyway so I won't be able to swatch - this is a perfect opportunity. :) Check out this beauty!

Look at that shimmer! Perfection in a bottle. I got this and Let's Groove at the same time and it was like sensory overload trying to decide what to wear first haha. Another thing that made me ridiculously happy today was the layering combo I put together for Wednesday for you guys... just wait til you see it! And on Thursday I've got some more nail art from Alexandra to show you.

Also... I all of a sudden started to really like OPI - Glitzerland today, from the new Swiss collection. I originally liked three or four of the colors, but Glitzerland never appealed to me; until today. For whatever reason, the two pictures I saw of it on MUA today just made me want it so bad! Has this ever happened to you? Where you really weren't into a polish and then all of a sudden something made you love it? What polish had that effect on you?


  1. That is GORGEOUS! Funny you should ask...I never thought I was that interested in Cowgirl Up, but now I want it. No, I really, really, really want it. :o So pretty!

  2. Love this ChG too!

    And about suddenly liking something...yes it happens to me all the time. It just happened with Chanel Paradoxal. IDK what did it but I had to have it NOW!!

  3. Zara, haha that's too funny! You really should try to get your hands on it, it's unreal how pretty it is, and elegant looking!

    ShortAndSweetNails, Paradoxal is a tricky color - that lemming comes and goes for me haha but I bet it would look awesome on you!

  4. Hey I love that polish, I think it would even look good on a pedi... I had similar experience with Illamasqua Baptiste I feel is haunting me, I also tried it on one nail and have been wanting to do a full mani, even though I know Fall season is right around the corner. To answer the questions at the end of your post, I felt like that With SH HT and after finally getting it a couple of weeks ago I realized what all the hype was about, but pictures do no justice to it so that's why it took me so long to realize I "needed" it.


    P.S.: yay I'm excited for thursday ;)

  5. WOW, that is such a gorgeous color! I am just... wow. I love colors like that! It also seems to really look good with your skin tone, it just makes you glow!