Monday, November 22, 2010

Have You Ever Woken Up In Vegas?

Well, I haven't, but if I ever get married I already told my dad that it's happening in Vegas haha. I have an incredible polish to share with you today. I'm sure you've seen it other places, most notably on Lady Gaga. It's Deborah Lippmann - Waking Up In Vegas. I was lucky enough to win this from the lovely Kellie over at Also Known As... and honestly I didn't expect to like this color on me at all, but was I ever wrong about that! Check out these pictures first



inside (the light hit my nails differently in this picture making the nails photograph looking different - that doesn't happen in real life)

GUYS! The application is out of this world on this. I've heard people say "it practically applies itself" about polishes before, but this is the epitome of that phrase, seriously. 2 coats and it looks perfect and dries fast all on it's own. Now before I got Waking Up In Vegas in my hands, I really thought greige would never work on me, because I'm so pale I thought I'd look like a corpse. I think it actually ended up looking very elegant and sophisticated! I can't gush enough about this polish. I think it would be an interesting base for a little konad or nail art too. Looooove it!

Have you ever tried Deborah Lippmann colors? What are your favorites or number one on your wishlist?


  1. :) I've woken up in Vegas a few times haha.

    I've always wanted to try DL polishes and the names are to die for!

  2. That color looks fantastic! I really want DL polishes, but I can't swallow the prices (yet!)

  3. I don't have any DL polishes. *sad* I have woken up in Vegas. Once. After getting married. LMAO

  4. That is gorgeous! I've never tried Deborah Lippmann because of the price, but I really want to...some day...