Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blue because I'm blue.

So sorry I haven't posted in a few days guys. I lost one of my kittys on Thursday night. We had to put him to sleep :( I had him for 16 years and it was pretty heartbreaking. His name was Starlight. I posted on MUA asking for suggestions for nail polishes with the name Star or Starlight and got a lot of great ideas, but if you have any - please let me know! There was even a really wonderful NBer (nail board-er) who is sending me a bottle of the new Revlon - Star glitter topcoat. How amazing and kind is that? I love that there are such sweet people out there! So hopefully I will be using that soon for a Fun With Layering Wednesday post.

What I do have for you today, on a lighter note, is a nail polish I bought on a whim and haven't fully decided if I am going to keep or not. It's FingerPaints - Add & ABstract. A nice blue with slight green flashes. It was a kind of overcast day when I took these pictures so I have two inside and one outside, I tried my best to capture the green flash for you!

It's a really nice and I like it a lot, but I think it is close (but not a total dupe) of Rimmel - Marine Blue. I think I like Marine Blue a little more so this Finger Paints may end up in my swap pile. I'll have a comparison of the two and a swatch of Marine Blue up soon for you guys to make your own decision!


  1. ((hugs)) i know how hard it is to lose a member of your family like that.

  2. Pretty! I've only seen Marine Blue in stores, but this does look similar.

    And I'm sorry about your kitty. *hugs* I know it's difficult.

  3. I'm so sorry about your kitty :( (hugs)

    That polish color is gorgeous. I love FP nail polish. Oh I have Rimmel Marine Blue too so good to know I dont need this FP one then. :)