Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Color Club neons and what I learned about neons in general.

Double post today to make up for my little hiatus! I told you in the last post that I would "kind of show you neons" today. What did I mean by kind of? Well I have pictures of three different neon polishes. But the kind of part comes in because they seem to make my camera crazy so they aren't 100% accurate. Also, I learned that most neon polishes look absolutely horrendous on me. Almost everything is going to get swapped haha.

Okay the first polish I have to show you is Color Club - Electro Candy.

Outside in direct sunlight

Outside in the shade

Inside, artificial light

So...Electro Candy. What a pain to photograph! None of these three pictures fully show how BRIGHT this color is. Think hot pink highlighter bright. But you can see how different the color looks to my camera in different light. And it sort of made me look like a corpse, so this is going in the swap pile haha. I'm super pale, but I imagine this would look awesome on someone tan (aka most people in the summer).

Next up: Color Club - Ultra Violet!

I thought I was going to love this, but was kind of meh on it. But here are pictures for you to decide for yourself...

Outside direct sunlight

Outside in shade

Indoors, artifical light

Normally I'm a purple fanatic but this I didn't love. Liked, yes.. but it was a little bright for me too. The actual color is closest in real life to the first picture. Again, these pictures don't come close to capturing how bright it is and you can see the different ways the camera thought it looked, just like Electro Candy. This has a fairly strong blue flash which you can definitely see in the sunlight picture (the first one).

Last but certainly not least, Color Club - Pure Energy

Pure Energy was my favorite and the only one I'm going to keep. This is supposedly a dupe for China Glaze - Towel Boy Toy, but I don't have that to compare them.

Outside in sunlight

Outside in shade

Indoors, arificial light

So pretty! Still a little brighter in real life than in pictures, but not as blinding as the other two colors I showed above. Pure Energy is much more flattering on my skintone, but still a color that I probably will mostly use on my toes. Perfect for summer though! I've had Towel Boy Toy on my wishlist for a while but I think this will be a very good (and cheaper) substitute for me.

All three of the swatches were done with 1 coat of OPI - Alpine Snow and then 2 coats of color. I've read that it makes the colors more vibrant and uses less coats if you use a white underneath them. I'd also heard that neons are notoriously streaky and tough to work with for the most part; but all three of these were a dream to apply- very easy! The first coat was streaky but it evened out nicely after the second. Oh, and don't forget you can click on all of the pictures to enlarge them if you'd like.

I got these at Ross in the Electro Candy set so it was an low-risk way for me to try out neon polishes. So the verdict is that I don't like how neons look on me (with Pure Energy as the exception.) And they make my camera crazy haha. What do you guys think? Love neons or hate 'em? If you have found ones you love, let me know your favorites - maybe I will get brave enough to try some more one day :)

I hope everyone is having an amazing day/night - it's over 100 degrees here in New Jersey.. ridiculously hot. So I'm hiding out inside and eating ice cream!


  1. I love the Color Club purple - so pretty!!

    CONGRATS on 20 followers - WOW!!

  2. I like neons on my toes. On my fingers, not so much, though once in a while they're nice for a change.

  3. It's not just your camera- neon colors don't work well with ANY camera. They're just weird colors, and it's almost impossible to get good photos of them.

    I've seen lots of neons in the stores, and I keep holding the bottle up to my hand and cringing, because I'm so pale I'm almost transparent. Neons make me look kind of dead.

    Still, I want them. I have the cutest idea for a manicure with neons... one day... :D

  4. Thanks Brooke! 20 followers is so exciting!

    KarenD, I think I'm still a little intimidated to use neons as a mani yet, but I'm sure one day the mood is going to strike (probably in November haha my polish vibes seem to go against the seasonal colors)

    Laynie, YES! Exactly, I'm so icredibly pale that a lot of neons make me look like a corpse! Sounds like we have the same skin tone haha. I'll be waiting to see that manicure idea someday :)

  5. i think you should keep some neons for your toes =)

    bright colors for the summer. I also look terrible with neons on my hands