Monday, July 12, 2010

The Wonder of the One-Coater.

The one-coater is a mythical, magically creature. Spoken of in hushed, reverent tones. Find a true, opaque, no visible nail line (or VNL as it's referred to) vibrant color in one coat and you hold on for dear life! But I have found one. Actually I think I have 5 or so in my stash, but that's just not as dramatic to say. I'll show you those eventually in less dramatic posting fashion.

Our one-coater is SpaRitual - Must Be Lust. I've heard only good things about this brand, but sadly this is the only one I have. So today, not only are you getting a one coat polish today BUT you get to see my ENTIRE SpaRitual collection. Wooo, exciting!


(outside on a cloudy day)

The day I swatched this the clouds kept coming and going. Eventually I threw in the towel and you guys got shade pictures and no sun ones, sorry! Pretty color though, right? Applys like a dream! This looks so strange to me though. Why you ask? I never wear red on my fingers. I'm very pale (practically translucent) and I always feel like red just makes that more apparent. I wear it on my toes all the time though, go figure. But this red seems a little softer, more pink-ish so it might be something I can pull off. If you look hard, you can see a little VNL in these pictures, but you can't actually see that in real life. And it was so easy to take off. Most of the time I feel like reds never get completely off haha but this was nice.

I really need to get some more SpaRitual polishes one of these days. Do you have any? Let me know what you think!

Oh and a little tidbit I find exciting. (And the word tidbit makes me happy.) I already have four polishes, well three and a treatment, together for a giveaway! When I get some more followers I'll be ready for one! Yay! I probably will add another one or two polishes to this. But I'm pretty stoked on it. And I'm up to 27 followers already, so cool :) Thank YOU for that!


  1. I have only found one or two polishes that are opaque in one coat, and they were Confetti brand from CVS. It's nice to see that there are some out there that are by other brands.

    BTW, thanks for saying what VNL stands for. I saw it on someone's blog and seriously had no idea what it stood for. I was doing a Google search and everything for it. :P I felt like such a newbie.

  2. A removable red! Miracle of miracles! :) I'm always careful about wearing reds, because I don't want to wear a pale color afterwards...I may have to get my hands on this.

  3. Deanna, It took me a longggg time to figure out all the abbreviations (and there are still some I read and have to really think about haha) glad I could help :) And Diamond Cosmetics has a few one coaters, as do Color Club, and some darker China Glazes I've found so far!

    Zara, I know! It's a miracle for sure haha, the only easy to remove red I have encountered so far

  4. That looks nice! I don't have any of this brand; haven't sought it out because the bottle shape is not my favorite (I'm weird that way).