Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away...

It's been raining the last two days in New Jersey. I did catch a pocket of sunlight for like 25 minutes yesterday and got two swatches in. But allegedly, it's supposed to be sunny the next two days before raining for a few more. So I'm going to swatch like crazy for a few days haha. I like to stock pile swatches because I've got ridiculous back problems, so I never know when I'm going to have a day where I can't get out of bed. This way I won't get behind on posts! Everybody wins (well except my back, but it's not a team player anyway so it shouldn't win.)

Anybody up for a nice little purple creme? I sure am.

Today I have for you the very simple, yet very pretty Color Club - Uptown Girl. This a polish I got at Bed Bath & Beyond when Color Club displays magically started appearing there. Last week I discovered a whole wall full has sprung up in one of the aisles - yay! Color Club is one of my favorite brands of nail polish. I've never found one that gave me application trouble.

I think this is photographing a little darker than it actually is in real life, but still pretty close. There's something kind of soothing about this color in my opinion. And I feel like it's appropriate for pretty much any setting. What do you think about it? Is it a color that you might where to work? Sometimes I think it's something I'd wear, sometimes I think it might be too much. So I'm appealing to you all!

One of the many things I'm putting together for the blog is a list of work appropriate colors from my stash. I want to post the pictures all in one place so that people can reference it when they need something for interviews or just something new to wear to work.

Also, another fun little thing I have for you today is my Google Spreadsheet with all of the nail polish and konad plates that I own. It's broken down by brand and it has a brief description of each color, the collection it's from, and any other miscellaneous notes I have about the color on there. There is a link on the right side of the site, right under my contact information. Feel free to take a look and email me with any colors you want to see, comparisons, etc that you'd like!

And don't forget the giveaways I posted a few days ago are ending soon! I've got one more for you to check out: rmcandlelight is giving away a few polishes over at her blog; so go enter now! :)


  1. Love it! I'm excited to hear that Color Club is at Bath and Body Works, because I've never been able to find it.

  2. Pretty color!! I'm wondering if Color Club is in the B&BWs in NM cuz I can't find it anywhere here.

  3. Bed Bath & Beyonds with extended beauty sections have them. I think if you search the store locator, the stores that have the HBC icon, means that they have the extended Health and Beauty care dept. Shoot me an email if you need help finding any colors

  4. ooh! thats soooo pretty! Bed Bath & Beyond carries Color Club! oh gosh! i have to go look there now! hahah

  5. Very pretty color! I would wear it to work, but my work doesn't really care what I wear.

  6. This looks so pretty on you.
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog so that I could find yours :)