Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm Not Much Of A Rule Breaker, But I Love To Wear It!

Hello lovelies! I've gotten a bunch of new polish lately, so I will be showing you a lot of cool stuff in the next few weeks. I tend to buy polish as a pick me up when I'm frustrated and I've been going to a new back doctor that I haaaate, so a lot of new polish has made it's way into my stash haha. But today I want to show you a polish I've had for a while and really like. It's Color Club - Rule Breaker. A pretty dark-er green, that has a leeeeetle bit more blue in it than these pictures show.


outside, shade


I bought this when I was first getting out of my color comfort zone, if you will. I like wearing this year round, especially on my toes. This has a hint of frost to it; I hesitate to say the word frost because most people run screaming as soon as they read it. But I think this is pretty! AllYouDesire did a great comparison between this, China Glaze- Emerald FItzgerald, and OPI - Cuckoo For This Color, so you can see that this is different from those two. What do you think of Rule Breaker? Enjoy the pictures and check back for a layering post tomorrow! I'm off to edit two more articles, work never ends!


  1. this looks FAB on you! i thought if i bought this it would come out streaky streaky on me, but of course you make it look amazing =)

  2. This is a great color! I've never had a "comfort zone" for my nails, so I'd wear this color all the time!

  3. What a lovely green!
    Yeah, dark colors always look better on the toes for some reason.

  4. What a perfect green for your skintone!!!!

  5. Amazing post!
    I'm a big fan of green/blue polishes!

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