Sunday, September 19, 2010

My First Ever Zoya!

I really like swatches I've seen of Zoya polishes on blogs, MUA, etc and I have a bunch on my wishlist but I never actually had any of my own - until recently! I was able to swap for a brand new bottle of Zoya- Robyn. (I've since gotten Freja and Harley but haven't gotten to try them yet.) I apologize for the slightly messy cuticles, clearly my cleanup wasn't so hot the day I swatched this - sorry. But check out how gorgeous this polish is!




Soo pretty! This color is just a bit darker in real life, but these pictures are close. And it's unbelievably shiny - this is without topcoat. I love when polish is shiny on it's own. The application was good. I haven't worn this for a full mani yet so I'm not sure how the wear will be. Some people have terrible luck with Zoya's wear but it's perfect for others - hopefully I'm one of the ones it will work for! I really like how this shade of blue looks with my skin tone; it reminds me a little of a slightly darker, creamier version of Color Club - Pure Energy. Obviously this isn't a neon like Pure Energy, but similar blue don't you think? Robyn ended up being everything I hoped it was going to be, which is awesome. I hope I'll get more Zoya polishes someday soon :)


  1. I really love Zoya- but I only have Irene... :-(

    great post hon!

  2. great first Zoya choice!!! Looks great on you :)

  3. Welcome to the world of Zoya! I have some and I want MORE! Great color - such a bright, cheery blue!

  4. love that blue- nice new addition!

    follow me and Ill follow you!