Friday, September 10, 2010

Light As Air

An unoriginal title, but descriptive haha. Today I'm going to show you China Glaze - Light As Air from the Up & Away Collection. This is one of FIVE polishes I have from the collection. I didn't really realize how many I had from Up & Away until now, I really liked it huh? haha! It's entirely possible another one or two could find their way into my stash one day soon... But for today we'll focus on Light As Air! It's a kind of stark pastel purple. Really light, which I thought I wouldn't like from the original swatches, but I definitely did in person. This is one of the best pastels in my stash, application wise. Gotta love a light color that isn't a total pain to use!



I didn't post an indoor picture because it was pretty much identical to the sun picture. No need for overkill :) I like using this as a base for konad or to use for konading over a darker purple. I think light colored polka dots are cute over their darker counterparts. Because this is nicely pigmented it's good for nail art. A pretty polish with multiple uses, yay! Have you ever bought a whole collection or a large chunk of it? Which one(s)!

I've got some cool stuff coming up in the next few days... a new giveaway! And I was able to kill one of my big lemmings so I have that to show you, and my own version of Paradoxal via layering. I'm realllly excited about all of these and can't wait to show you!


  1. lovely on you! i agree with you that it s a bit stark! its also good for konading with, since its so thick!

  2. pretty! I think I still have this one in my untireds, maybe I should pull it out and put it on!

  3. so cute

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